Lucy and her mum move into a new house. Tucked away in her bedroom's wardrobe, Lucy finds a little shoe box, empty except for a few old pictures.

Exploring them will bring Lucy to find an unexpected bond with the house's previous owner, to ask her mum the hard questions about her own life, and to figure out how to write her own story.

This is a short game about childhood, lost bonds, and new beginnings.


  • MOUSE LEFT click or SPACEBAR to progress through the text
  • MOUSE LEFT click on buttons (for start/restart and choices).

The game should work both in full screen and in vignette mode, but for a better visual experience, I recommend playing it full screen.

This game was made (almost, see below) entirely by me, @awstein.
I used Ink and Unity to implement my writing and illustrations.
The music's not mine. It is:
Sixteen Hours, by Lasse Lyx

If you're curious about the making-of process, have a gander at the game's post-mortem. Featuring rants... and bunnies!

Thank you for playing!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorAnna Winterstein
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tagschildhood, Comics, Coming Of Age, ink, inkle, nostalgia, Story Rich


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This story is beautifully written and the art is really good . Loved the concept behind the story. great work to you and your entire team


This was amazing, well done! I really liked the way in which you weaved together the past and present narratives in an effective way! I really appreciated how making decisions impacted the story nicely at the end. Presentation was great too! 

Thank you so much, Ivan! That's such a lovely thing to say <3 I'm delighted you played through it and enjoyed it!


This is so amazing! What a beautiful and heartwarming story.  The illustrations and music choice make this such an amazing experience.

Thank you so much <3 It means a LOT to read this, especially coming from you!


this was so good! i loved the art, and all the options. the music was amazing, hopefully there's more from you in the  future <33


Thank you so much, that's such lovely feedback <3 I'll definitely try to keep making short games like that, it's a fantastic experience as a maker!


Wow, this is amazing! I would love to give more input but im really bad with words lol

This is lovely input and I'm very glad and grateful for it <3 Thank you!