A downloadable poetry simulator for Windows and macOS

Free Verse is a little poetry simulator, inspired by surrealism and poetry algorithms.

Walk in the woods around your writer's shed, stand by the lake, take in the world around you, and see what the world gives back.


As you walk through the world, words will appear in your notebook. If any of them takes your fancy, hit E to bring up several randomly generated phrases. Selecting one will add it to your notebook.

When you have enough phrases jotted down, head for your typewriter, press E, and string the phrases together into a poem that works for you.

You can only carry 21 ideas at a time, but once you've started writing, you can go back and get more, as many times as you need.

When you're done, you can also edit and copy your poem out of the game, to do with it as you wish.

Psst: please share your results in the comments!


Movement: WASD
Run: Shift
Camera rotation: Mouse Left Click
Bring up phrases: E
Bring up the typewriter interface: E
Add phrases to your poem: Left Click on the phrase
Quit game: Esc


FreeVerseForMac.zip 580 MB
FreeVerseWindows.zip 583 MB


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fervour whispers caress
carries me away
where light falls


as the night marches, when noises crawl, the stranger loves you. the grass dreams. where legends breed, a cosy whisper, in sturdy shelter, a reluctant hearth wood is born.

harsh pale wood of vanishing touch, and thick sand where waves can carry neon thunder.

when winds grow hot, cloud sleeps, absence wishes. the raven walks, the song is alseep, the myth loves you.


the pale wood relies
on tall skin and thick nature
the whisper sees you
when you fall silent
and the monster hopes


the kiss has arrived on your silver jaw
between secret legs, the touch dreams
and the banshee takes you

Fun!  Apparently my brain wants to make vaguely erotic monster poems. ;)

Haha, finding tasteful smut in all circumstances, I see ;)

I love these! Thank you so much for sharing 💜


you, asleep. an uncertain corner

I'm drawing your graying hair

with burnt candy

I tell secrets

that you don't want

where light falls, trembling, on your lips

I love it!! Truly a beautiful one.